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Have a Heart Washoe works to match children in need with an adoptive family. Adoption gives children the love, care, protection and opportunities that are essential for healthy personal growth and development.

Adoption is a social and legal process establishing the relationship of parent and child between people who don’t have this relationship by birth. Adoption provides the same rights and obligations which exist between children and their biological parents. The primary intention of adoption services is to provide children with permanent families when their birth families cannot care for them.

The main purpose of the adoption program is to find families for children, not children for families. The application and approval process is a family-friendly, child-centered approach that focuses on developing potential adoptive families. Call us at (775) 337-4470 or you can begin the process now by clicking here to watch a short information session video, and complete the post Information session questionnaire below. Keep scrolling for more great information on becoming an adoptive parent.

How To Adopt A Child In Foster Care

See a child you are interested in and wanting to give them a forever home? Learn more about the process in which you can adopt a child in foster care.

Meet Our Kids

Learn more about the kids in Washoe County who are available for adoption. You can make a difference in these children’s lives by providing them with a forever home.

Adoption FAQ's

An adoptive parent provides a safe, stable and loving forever home. Check out these frequently asked questions about adoption.

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