Post Adoption

Post-Adoption Support and Services are available to families who have adopted foster children through WCHSA to help in meeting all of their child’s needs, including mental and behavioral health needs. You are not alone!

Services may include:

WCHSA does not provide financial assistance with out-of-home placements (e.g., Residential Treatment Centers). In Nevada, Medicaid can pay for this level of treatment if recommended for the child.

Need Support?

Some common reasons families reach out include:
  • Talk through parenting challenges
  • Navigating mental health supports
  • Medicaid difficulties
  • Adoption Subsidy payment issues
  • Address changes
  • Divorce
  • Deceased parent
  • College Benefits (if child was adopted at 13)

Curious about Nevada Adoption Laws?

These include:
  • Adoption Tax Credit: This link to the IRS contains information regarding the adoption tax credit. Please speak to your accountant or tax advisor to assist your family in getting the most out of the credit.
WCHSA cannot give any tax or legal advice.


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How to obtain a new Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and Medicaid Card after your adoption finalizes:

  • Birth Certificate: Ask your attorney if they can assist you to apply for this. If they cannot then you can apply on your own. After the adoption court hearing, you will be given an original copy of the Adoption Decree and Report of Adoption. You will use these documents to apply for the new birth certificate through the office of Vital Statistics in your adopted child’s birth state.
  • Social Security Card: After you receive the new birth certificate, take the new birth certificate and Adoption Decree to the Social Security Office to apply for the new social security card.
  • Medicaid Card: WCHSA will apply for the child’s new Medicaid card and a new card will be mailed to your home. If your adoption just finalized there may be some overlap due to updates within the system. If your provider says that your child is not eligible for Medicaid, please have the provider search under your child’s new legal adoptive name.

How often will I have contact with the Agency after our adoption finalizes?

There will be a yearly review of the adoption subsidy and check-in with family. If your family needs any support or services, WCHSA will assist you.

What is the Adoption Subsidy Renewal Process?

WCHSA sends out a one-page yearly renewal form around your adoption day anniversary. You will fill out the form, update any information, sign and return to WCHSA by mail, fax or email. It is important to always update your information with WCHSA so there will be no lapse in benefits.

Can a child receive financial or medical benefits after I adopt?

The adoption subsidy program is provided to families that adopt special needs children as defined by NRS 127.008 from Washoe County Human Services. The adoption subsidy (financial and medical) stops when a child turns 18 years of age and WCHSA does not have the ability to extend the benefits per NRS 127.186(6).

What if I get divorced after my adoption finalizes?

It is important to contact WCHSA as the adoption subsidy benefits cannot be split. The court must order the benefits to go to one parent and then that parent may distribute the funds according to the court order. WCHSA must receive a court order specifically stating, “The Adoption Subsidy benefits will go to…”.

WCHSA will need a copy of the divorce decree and order identifying the parent who will receive the adoption subsidy to make any changes to the current benefits. If there is no court order and the parents agree to allow the payment to go into an account with a single parent’s name, a Bank Deposit Authorization Notary form must be filled out and notarized, and the Direct Deposit form will need to be updated. Submit the completed forms to WCHSA Bookkeeping or post -adoption caseworker for processing.

Who do I inform if my spouse dies after the adoption finalizes?

Contact post adoption services via email at to provide a copy of the Death Certificate. You will also be provided information on what benefits your family will be eligible for based on your situation.

What do I do if my child becomes deceased?

Contact WCHSA as soon as possible via email at You will be asked to provide a Death Certificate and your adoption benefits for that child will stop.

What do I do if my child no longer resides in my home?

Contact WCHSA via email at as soon as possible to provide the updated information and discuss the status of your post-adoption benefits.

My adoption has finalized, and my child’s Medicaid is not working?

If your adoption has recently finalized there may be a lag due to changes within the system. If your provider says that your child is not eligible, you may have them search under the child’s new legal adoptive name. If you are still having trouble contact Washoe County Post-Adoption Support via email at or call (775) 337-4470. Do not contact Medicaid directly, as they will not understand that your Fee for Service Medicaid is due to an Adoption. WCHSA will contact Medicaid on your behalf.

My child turns 18 soon. What happens to their insurance and subsidy?

The adoption subsidy (financial and medical benefit) stops when a child turns 18 years of age. WCHSA does not have the ability to extend the benefits per Nevada Revised Statute 127.186(6).

My adoption subsidy payment has not been received, how come?

WCHSA issues checks and processes direct deposits on the second Wednesday of every month. If you have still not received your payment contact WCHSA Bookkeeping or post-adoption services.

How can I get a copy of my adoption decree?

You can call our office and ask to speak with an adoption worker or you can contact your attorney.

How do I get a copy of my post-adoption agreement?

You can call our office and ask to speak with an adoption worker.

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