Foster Connect

Building Resilient Families, Together!

Join us in our efforts to create positive outcomes throughout our community, by partnering with Have a Heart Washoe’s Foster Connect Program.   On average, more than half of foster parents leave fostering within the first year.  No matter how many wonderful families step up with big hearts and good intentions, there are never enough to meet the need.  Local businesses like yours, that are willing to offer foster parents exclusive promotions and discounts, can make a significant impact.  Providing foster parents with essential support and relief during challenging times, not only helps them succeed, but helps them remain a much needed care provider.  Participating in the program gives you the power to directly impact the lives of children and families, by offering them hope, assistance, and a sense of belonging when they need it most.


Here’s how it works:






Ready to make a meaningful impact?  Apply below to become a valued partner in our Foster Connect Program!  Together, we can create positive change, and support and uplift foster families in Washoe County.





A Big Thank You!

We are immensely grateful for the collaborative efforts our current partners and supporters have had in helping foster children and families in need.