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The main purpose of our adoption service is to find families for children, not children for families. Our program is child-focused. Families wishing to adopt are valuable resources to us for the placement needs of Washoe County’s children.


This child has siblings and an adoptive home would be willing to welcome all of the siblings. In some instances, the siblings may not be adopted together but it is necessary for the adoptive family to support an ongoing relationship with the siblings post-adoption. The child's assigned recruiter can provide information as to the sibling status.


The parental rights of the child have not been legally terminated. The child could potentially reunify with their parents, or it could be determined that the best interest of the child is to pursue termination of parental rights and adoption. The child's assigned recruiter can provide information as to the child's legal status.


Prospective adoptive parent or family must be living in the Washoe County area.

TJ (Tatianna)

AGE 13
Tatianna is a skilled, artistic 8th grader with a great sense of humor! Tatianna prefers to go by TJ.  He is creative and loves to draw and paint.  At almost 14 years old, TJ hopes to be a professional artist when he grows up.  While TJ has a passion for the arts, he also has […]


AGE 13
SIBLING(S) - Akira, Rahquain
Tre’Mill is a polite, fun, and outgoing child, who gets along well with adults and kiddos alike in his current home. He warms up to people quickly, is thoughtful and is supportive of his peers. Tre’Mill enjoys receiving 1:1 attention and helping others, but is not afraid to speak up if he disagrees with something. […]


AGE 14
SIBLING(S) - Amani
Tre’Shaila is an identical twin to Amani.  Even though she looks exactly like her sister, she has her own personality and spark.  Tre’Shaila is an all around girly girl, who loves shopping!  She is somewhat reserved and enjoys spending time indoors and being on her tablet.  Tre’Shaila has an artistic side, and loves anything and […]


AGE 15
SIBLING(S) - Angelina
Tyler is friendly, funny, happy and “smiley”.   His caregivers will tell you that he is a tinkerer.  He loves tools, taking things apart, and making things.  His caregivers state they are forever loaning him tools for various projects.  Tyler is curious and likes to ask lots of questions.  He would love to have a male […]
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