Hello, I'm Akira

AGE 15
  • Accepting inquiries for the siblings together and individually
  • Siblings
  • Accepting local and out-of-state inquiries
  • Needs flexible family
SIBLING(S) - Tre’Mill, Rahquain

Akira is a happy and kind young lady, who is somewhat of an introvert. She is strong willed, enjoys her privacy and spending time in her room but enjoys receiving 1:1 attention. Akira is the eldest sibling and has been in the role of caregiver most of her life and for the first time, is now having the opportunity to just be a kid. Akira is artistic, loves Anime, Cosplay, Furry’s and can sometimes live in a fantasy land. She loves pizza and hamburgers but has an allergy to kiwis.

Akira, along with her siblings Tre’Mill and Rahquain, are sweet children who have love to share and whose unique qualities make them who they are.  These three siblings have experienced significant trauma and need a family who is patient, loving and supportive.  They will need a structured home with a family that understands trauma, will earn their trust, and can make them feel safe.  Their family will need to be open minded, consistent and offer them unconditional support, guidance, supervision, and a willingness to assist in their emotional, cognitive, and physical development.