Hello, I'm Amani

AGE 14
  • Siblings
  • Accepting local and out-of-state inquiries
  • Needs flexible family
SIBLING(S) - Tre'Shaila

Double the smiles and double the fun!  Amani is the identical twin to Tre’Shaila.  Even though it's hard to tell her and her sister apart, Amani definitely has her own personality as a fun individual!  Amani has great sense of humor and is super active.  She loves being outside and playing around.  Her favorite pastimes are going to the park, participating in various sport activities, and riding her bike with her twin sister Tre’Shaila if she is up for going!  Amani is kind but outspoken, and shares a strong bond with her sister, and is very protective of her.  She is artistic and you will often see her drawing.  Another side to Amani is, she enjoys helping those around her and assisting/helping around the house....especially with making breakfast!

Amani has experienced significant trauma in her life and will need a family who is patient, loving and supportive. She will need a structured home with a family that understands trauma, can earn her trust and can make her feel safe and secure.